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February 19 - March 20

Strength Keywords:

  • Compassionate

  • Adaptable

  • Accepting

  • Devoted

  • Imaginative







100 Things About Me

  1. My name is Bonni Clark (my maiden name was Sugarman)
  2. I was born in New York, New York in the USA
  3. My favorite animal is the dog
  4. I am left handed (but can write with both hands)
  5. I love to go to the movies
  6. My favorite food is Sushi
  7. I am a very aggressive driver
  8. I graduated East Brunswick High School in 1981
  9. My high school best friend was Suzanne
  10. I love to play Scrabble
  11. I do not leave the house without wearing makeup
  12. I hate to wear shoes
  13. I prefer summer clothes over winter clothes
  14. My favorite season is Spring and then summer.
  15. I do not like winters in New Jersey
  16. I hate sitting in traffic
  17. I wear contact lenses and/or glasses. You wouldn't want to drive with me if I didn't have them in
  18. I used to be a dreamer, but then I got mugged by reality.
  19. The first concert I ever went to was Jackson Browne at Madison Square Garden
  20. I used to be addicted to the arcade game "Ms. Pac Man"
  21. I can remember the first MTV video by the Buggles
  22. My favorite hangout used to be "CT's" (Corner Tavern) in New Brunswick, NJ
  23. I do not like to exercise
  24. I am allergic to cats
  25. I hate lima beans
  26. I am easily distracted
  27. My first job was at a card store in the Brunswick Square Mall
  28. My favorite authors are John Grisham, James Patterson, Stephen King, and Patricia Cornwell
  29. I can be really mean sometimes
  30. I am a Pisces and was born in the Year of the Rabbit
  31. I can be overly sensitive and get my feelings hurt easily
  32. I was adopted when I was four days old
  33. I am one of the worst procrastinators that exists in the modern world
  34. The movies I can watch over and over are Pretty Woman, Steel Magnolias, Miss Congeniality,  & Independence Day
  35. I had a crush on Shaun Cassidy and Parker Stevenson when I was younger
  36. If I won the lottery, I'd retire to Bermuda and live in a Pink House
  37. My first dog's name was Teddi. She was a German Shepherd mix.
  38. My favorite TV show is Sex and the City. I love to watch the reruns!
  39. I have asthma, and suffer from a chronic cough
  40. My first car was a light blue AMC Gremlin
  41. My favorite color is (any shade of) purple
  42. I believe that "would have, should have, could have" is a royal waste of time
  43. I think that the government needs a major overhaul
  44. My favorite flower is the carnation (and the calla lily is a close second)
  45. I have Fred Flintstone feet
  46. My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving
  47. I don't have children because I never got pregnant, and I think I am too selfish
  48. I like all kinds of music except Opera, Disco, and Rap
  49. I sleep with a stuffed Purple Bunny named Mr. Wubbie
  50. I think that the Internet is one of the best inventions!! What did I do before Google?
  51. I love dark chocolate more than milk chocolate
  52. My favorite sport is Baseball
  53. I love the Mets and whoever is playing the Yankees
  54. Figure Skating amazes me. I am not graceful enough to participate in it!
  55. I have night lights in my house because I don't like "pitch black"
  56. I hate wearing pantyhose and I can do without shoes!
  57. I love the smell of vanilla and lavender
  58. Shallow people and liars are people I don't associate with
  59. I save all the greeting cards that people send me (I have a huge box of them)
  60. When I go on vacation, I over pack BIG TIME
  61. I often wonder what ever happened to ____________ (fill in the blank)
  62. I don't like to talk to people I don't know
  63. My shoe size is a Ladies 6 (sometimes a wide width)
  64. I type 72 wpm
  65. If I could, I would retire tomorrow (see #36!)
  66. I was a Princess in a former life
  67. My favorite Disney character is Eeyore (the sad and depressed Donkey)
  68. I am very sentimental
  69. I still think about my first true love!
  70. I am a very good speller
  71. Bruce Springsteen is my favorite male singer
  72. I drink coffee every morning
  73. My favorite teacher was Steve Michaud. He taught American Literature
  74. Organization is not one of my strong points
  75. I hate being nagged or told what to do
  76. I am a homebody
  77. I've seen the movie "Rocky Horror Picture Show' well over 125 times
  78. I think that "Ben and Jerry" are Gods! Long Live Chunky Monkey
  79. I love to travel but coming home is wonderful too!
  80. My husband is my best friend! Belle is a VERY close second!
  81. When I was little I wanted to be a Veterinarian
  82. I'm old enough to know better, but young enough not to care
  83. I am afraid of spiders (and most other bugs)
  84. Rainy Days and Mondays always get me down (thank you Karen Carpenter!)
  85. English is my first language, but I speak Pig Latin and Ubbie Talk... and some Spanish
  86. I wish that my brother Jeff and his wife KC lived closer to me
  87. I love to burn candles
  88. I hate the sound of metal on glass (ie: a spoon being scraped on a glass dish)
  89. I sometimes wish I could be invisible and "listen" in on private conversations
  90. I can only do handstands under water
  91. When I was young, my dad and I used to do Jigsaw Puzzles together
  92. I love to do Counted Cross Stitch and knit (wish I had more time to do it!!)
  93. I have pierced ears (two holes in each ear)
  94. I love to eat food with chopsticks
  95. I can cry when I get angry. I can cry when I am sad. I can cry when I am happy :-)
  96. I often lack patience
  97. I don't particularly care for "change"
  98. My favorite numbers are 4, 16, 28 and 99
  99. I have never lived in any state other than NJ (someday I hope to change that!)
  100. My biggest dream is to be a freelance writer or write the Great American Novel!

Woo hoo!! I managed to get through all 100 things!!!



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